3 Extraordinary Tools Against Phishing Attacks

5 min readMay 24, 2021

Although phishing attacks are technologically behind other cyberattacks, their impact on the company has become quite severe in recent years. Also, relatively more advanced and focused phishing methods such as targeted phishing and whaling attacks have become common attacks. In the past year, hackers have used social engineering rather than technology in these types of attacks. That’s why phishing, especially targeted phishing, has become one of the most effective attack methods on companies and users. Companies responded by training their employees and creating an effective line of defense. So, how can you support your employees in addition to cybersecurity training? We have compiled important information about 3 extraordinary tools against phishing in this article for you who cannot find an answer to this question. Before we get into that, let’s take a look at why phishing attacks are so effective.

3 Extraordinary Tools Against Phishing Attacks: Why Are Phishing Attacks So Effective?

Spear phishing, worm phishing, phishing attacks using local files… These are just a few of the types of phishing we have come across in recent years. So what did these attacks have in common? All of the attacks we mentioned occurred due to users trusting the person who contacted them and/or believing their requests’ urgency. In other words, hackers took advantage of a method we define as social engineering in these attacks. Often users were fooled by the legitimacy of incoming email, login page, sender name. Hackers exploited users’ vulnerabilities by saying that an important account was compromised or payment was delayed.

Even between 2016 and 2019 alone, companies lost more than $ 26 billion in email attacks on their employees. Also, the identity information of employees and company-related confidential information were compromised in these attacks. Hackers often targeted employees’ bank accounts, even directly causing users to make a fake money transfer.

One of the most invisible consequences of these attacks was the loss of credibility of corporate brands. The fact that famous brands have become the subject of attacks has revealed how vulnerable these companies are to cyberattacks.

3 Extraordinary Tools Against Phishing: The Simplest Precautions You Should Take

Make sure you take the first precautions against phishing before you start using the detailed tools. The simplest thing you can do in the first place is to get an anti-spam app to block spam emails and use authentication for logins to work email accounts. Also, you should not neglect to use applications that examine the sender account and domain name to detect e-mail fraud. Of course, these simple and easy-to-implement moves will not completely prevent phishing.

As we mentioned above, as a result of the increase in phishing attacks, most companies started to train their employees. But most of the time, training was not enough to prevent phishing-related damages. So what should be done?

  1. Take advantage of multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  2. Use cloud email solutions offered to you by Microsoft and Google. These types of tools regularly examine your inbox and check the messages for malicious activity.
  3. Training is essential to combat phishing. Try to increase the cyber awareness of both your employees and your customers.

If these measures are used in conjunction with the 3 extraordinary anti-phishing tools that we will talk about in a moment, you can easily understand and quickly stop phishing attacks. Now we will talk about 3 extraordinary tools against phishing, which is our main topic.

3 Extraordinary Tools Against Phishing

1. Threat Intelligence:

One of the anti-phishing measures we have come across frequently in recent years is intelligence gathering. Our Threat Intelligence tool is one of the best providers of this type of tool. Our tool helps identify potential risks in every company, regardless of size or industry. The data collected gives you information about situations that may pose a risk to the company’s security, now or in the future. Our tool analyzes this information and presents it to you in detail. This way, you can prevent data leaks and protect your company’s reputation.

2. Threat Sharing:

Sharing the information of trained employees with information can positively affect cyber awareness in the company. We created our Threat Sharing platform for exactly this purpose. Our tool reduces response time by providing agility to your users. Threat Sharing allows your employees to quickly distribute spam e-mails that fall in inboxes across the corporate network. It functions as an early warning system, expanding internal intelligence. It also reduces costs because it brings together the collective network information of employees. The reason for this is that with this tool, your employees can protect themselves from attacks without being directly exposed to a malicious attack.

3. Email Gap Analysis:

To defend against phishing, we must constantly test ourselves against new generation phishing attacks and keep our systems up to date. For this purpose, our Email Gap Analysis tool tests your products such as Fireeye, Deep Security, and traditional protection tools such as Antispam, Antivirus, Content Filter. With the results, you can detect your e-mail vulnerabilities. For this, we use real attacks targeting your employees’ inboxes. We identify your weaknesses due to fake attacks and offer customized solutions in the report we have prepared. And we offer the best configuration options. In the attacks we simulate, we use different kinds of real attack vectors, from ransomware to APT attacks.

A few of the phishing solutions we’ve mentioned in this article can help you avoid potential phishing attacks harmlessly, while some can help you protect your company’s brand value. We recommend you take a look at our other tools to provide more effective protection.